Goals-Week 2

Remember that my

My Main Goals for June are:

  • Be a better Wife 
  • Be a better Mother
  • Finish the New House
  • Clean and organize our old house

Last Week’s Goals Were:

  1. Go on one date night with Hubbin this week (should be easy since our anniversary is on Friday!)-plan the childcare.
  2. Work on B’s bedtime routine to help her fall asleep more quickly on her own.
  3. Finish Framing the Master Closet     This was not something I could do on my own (well, i guess I could have had I not been watching B as well, but since I was, this was really Hubbin’s project, and it is as of yet uncomplete.
  4. Get Hubbin to call the plumber and the electrician to schedule times for them to come work on the Master Suite     The Plumber comes on Friday to get everything done with help from Hubbin! The Electrician has not been called yet to my knowledge 
  5. Clean off the table-put everything away, change tablecloth, sweep and mop the dining room floor. Partially done!
  6. Clean the Kitchen-File papers, Put Miscellaneous stuff on the counter away, Clean and put the fryer away, sweep and MOP the floor. This is actually MOSTLY done, but none of the things are COMEPLETE, so I can’t check them off 🙁
  7. Read a chapter in a book every night (either Entreleadership or Boundaries with Kids) I think I read a chapter (or section) four nights this last week

If it is marked off then I did it! If not, there was a note.


Here are my goals for this week:

  1.  Show Hubbin how much I love him in a practical way.
  2. Read B three stories every day.
  3. Get paint samples from the store and onto the wall in the living room with the alternate color, decide on the color, paint the wall. Touch up the ceiling.
  4. Get Hubbin to A) figure out the electrical for the master and B) call the electrician to set up a time for him to come out (next Friday?)
  5. Clean the Dining Room (Sweep, Mop, Change the Tablecloth) and Kitchen (finish the list from last week)
  6. Get Relax & Revive books up to date and sales tax turned in by Friday night.
  7. Read a chapter (or section) of a book every day.
  8. Phone calls to set up appointments: A) Roy Hucke, B) State Farm, C) Jen & Travis, D) Theresa
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