Worst Day Ever!

It all started when Abu would not take her nap…..she finally fell asleep after getting out of bed and coming to find me (resulting in time outs) 3 times, and being taken through the nap time routine three times….I was exhausted and fell asleep with LoLo. After dinner I fed LoLo and changed his diaper. As I was changing hi diaper I realized how quiet Abu was…..uh oh! She had pooped in her diaper and then proceeded to put her fingers in it and smear the poop all over the couch where I feed LoLo and the pillow I use as a back support! Disgusting! I was so upset I couldn’t even say anything other than, “don’t touch me! That’s gross! That’s disgusting! Don’t touch anything!” I promptly took her to the tub and cleaned the disgusting mess up while she was in there….it was like my worst nightmare!
I shared the story with my Mother in Law today and she just laughed and said it would probably happen again! NOT what I wanted to hear! Ugh! I pray it NEVER happens again!

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