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Bathroom Update Number Seven

YAY! The Shower is DONE! No MORE Tiling the Shower! Yippee! Thank you to my wonderful Hubbin who so faithfully tiled every night for a week to get this done. I love you with all my heart! 🙂 Doesn’t it look amazing? AND to top it off, we tiled the floor today! Alright, we have […]

Bathroom Update Number Six

This first one is actually from yesterday, but I wanted to show you…we have one WHOLE wall done! 🙂 These two pictures reflect both my Hubbin’s creative mind (putting those two boards up there to hold the tile around the top of the window) as well as the work we (mostly he, ok, all of […]

Bathroom Update Number Five

Cutting round holes in tile is MORE than a pain in the butt, but now it is done!

Bathroom Update Number Four

Tonight left us here.

Bathroom Update Number Three

After work on it tonight it looks like this. (Sorry for the bad quality of the first photo) We decided to do border pieces around the window, so we had to figure out where to start them and get the board up to hold them in place (making sure it was level, etc). All that […]

Bathroom Update Number Two

Our bathroom went from this: To this in one day: Followed by this: This: And this: the next day. Our bathroom stayed this way the whole time we were in Nodak Country. Next update to follow soon!

Bathroom update

We got the tub in! And Hubbin got the new plumbing in and tested…no leaks! We now have a new tub with running water and no leaks. We also discovered that our bathroom was originally green and white. The floor was this green color with a nice Orange line around the perimeter. Much better than […]

Painting Lesson

When painting a perfectly straight line (such as when you paint half a wall one color and the other half a different color) follow the steps below: 1. Paint one of the colors to a little over your approximate line of separation. Don’t worry about taping the line at this point. It is also a […]

Bathroom Remodel Begins!

Our remodel of our upstairs bathroom has been over two years in the making! We have had the sink, vanity, and medicine cabinet since November of 2008! Yikes! We (and I use this term lightly here!) ripped out all of the tile, the bathtub, the sink (they broke the pretty pedestal sink in half!), and […]