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Why I Held My Baby

I have things I should be doing. Things that NEED to get done. Things I have put off for far too long already.
Painting at the new house. Dishes. Laundry. Cleaning. Paying bills.

Instead, I am holding my sleeping four month old because he has been sick and has a hard time breathing (due only to a stuffy nose) while flat on his back. I could put him in the swing. I could put him in the bouncy seat. I could lay him down. But I won’t. I love him. I am busy treasuring this moment. Appreciating the fact that my two year old is being quiet so I can snuggle the baby.

He will only be little once. He will only be my baby once. Already he is pushing my snuggles away, so, this time, I will sit in a rocking chair and simply hold my sleeping baby.

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