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God, what are you preparing me for? What are you teaching me now? Please open my eyes and let me see! I want to know where this journey is taking me. I want to know the syllabus so I know where I am going. I feel so lost. So alone.
This leadership piece you are showing me now feels so foreign. I don’t think I am a leader, but I have been told my whole life that I am one…just not the loud, bossy type of leader…. I guess that’s a good thing, but what kind of leader am I then? There are so many issues with me as a leader….

I need to be better about communicating my heart, expressing the reason why I am doing something, or want someone else to do something. I need to be better at seeing my weaknesses so I can work on them.
I have no one to lead right now except Brooke, but I know she is the most important person I can lead. Thank you for her. She is amazing! She has such a sweet, quiet, peaceful spirit. Thank you, God. She is perfect.

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