Too Much Faith For Me?

I keep up on several blogs from both people I don’t even know as well as a few that I do know. A few of them recently have caused me to ask a few questions of myself. First of all, do I have that kind of faith? If I was put in that situation would I have trusted God the way they did or are doing? And second, what has God been speaking to me lately?

Before you go any further with this post, stop and read this blog post from Slave Free Earth. It is a good point. First of all, this is an organization I whole-heartedly believe in. I agree with what Lisa wrote in response to that comment. If that is what Jesus was concerned about, then shouldn’t we be concerned about it too? And how can one possibly be so calloused as to think that we should NOT try to eradicate modern day slavery? THINK about it. Would you want to be in their place? Would you want to live the life these HUMAN BEINGS are forced to live? If the answer is “No,” then why on earth would you NOT try to change their situation? The faith of Will and Cathy Henderson is inspiring. They are only human beings just like you and me, but they are living in the unknown. They are trusting God to open doors that only HE can open. They are wearing their hearts on their sleeves day after day to raise the support their entire organization needs in order to pull women and children out of the modern day sex slave industry not only overseas, but right HERE in your own backyard. This kind of faith astounds me. It baffles me. It is not a fake faith, not a show put on for others to see. It is authentic. It draws you in until you see for yourself that Will and Cathy Henderson are not super-human beings, they are simply human beings allowing God to use them in whatever way He chooses. It is a faith so strong it pulls you in until you realize it is not Will and Cathy Henderson you are seeing, it is the hands and feet of Jesus. THAT is a faith I want to show others. Not the faith of Will and Cathy Henderson, but faith in the everlasting King of Kings! THAT is truly sharing the good news. When one can see from your life and your faith, Jesus, and honestly want that for themselves.

And then there is Jenny Simmons. She is a member of the band Addison Road as well as a mother and a wife. Read her story here and then here before continuing on. Even throughout her season of dryness, her not hearing from the Lord in a very long time, she still had faith that He knew what He was doing with her (and her family). She trusted (and still does since she is not done with “The Becoming” stage yet) God to be there to carry her through and to mold her into something greater through whatever was happening in her life. Jenny is no one special. She is simply human just like you and I. She is living out her faith in a such a way that even in the desert she has a great child-like faith and is not afraid to live it out. That is a faith I want.

I recently (as in the last few minutes) came across this blog from someone I know about her little boy. Please read the story from the first post (at this writing there are only three) here before continuing on. As I read this I was struck by two things, one, what great faith to proclaim even from the beginning of this new battle that “God is in control!” That is a faith I want. And second, how odd that we are all stuck in our own little “bubble.” Our own sphere of influence, or circle of being. I had this conversation with my Father-in-law yesterday. It doesn’t matter where you live or how big you live, unless you make it a point to look outside this bubble, you will be stuck there forever and not even know anything outside of it is happening at all…. I don’t contact this family regularly, but I had NO IDEA they were facing something this big, something this Faith-requiring, at this time.

And then there is precious Suzanne, whom I have never met or contacted other than commenting on her blog every once in a while. Her story is amazing, and one you should take the time to read, but for now, just read this post. It is filled with great faith stories. How inspiring to read so many faith-filled stories. That faith is the kind of faith I want.

Yet, when asked the question, “what has God been speaking to you lately?” I draw a blank. As I think long and hard about it I slowly begin to see certain things He has shown me in the past few weeks. I begin to realize He is still speaking to me. And I begin to hope to hear Him more clearly the next time He speaks.

I hope these stories have helped you want to have a greater faith. I hope they inspire you to ask the question of yourself, “What has God been speaking to you lately?”

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