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Disappointing bad behavior

The most effective response to bad behavior is to express disappointment. According to independent reviews by Professor Eisenberg and David R. Shaffer, parents raise caring children by expressing disappointment and explaining why the behavior was wrong, how it affected others, and how they can rectify the situation.  When Brooke hits: how sad! Hitting hurts. That hurt Logan.  How […]

Weekly goals #1

Major goal: to not yell at my kiddos. Weekly goal: say “no”and “don’t” less and “yes” and “do” more. Major goal: lose weight. Weekly goals: get a massage, set up work out machine in basement,  walk on treadclimber for ten minutes every day. Major goal: get back to a good place spiritually. Weekly goal: […]

Meal plan

Breakfasts Biscuits and jam with peanut butter Oatmeal with fruit and nuts Cereal and fruit with German sausage Eggs and toast Yogurt and fruit Pancakes, eggs, bacon Lunches Mac and cheese with chicken and peas Leftovers Dinners Out for Mike’s birthday Steak, potatoes, corn Fish, rice, broccoli Amish dinner mix Chicken bacon ranch noodles with […]


There are SO many wonderful blogs out there….what difference will mine make? I dont even want to tell friends and family I’m writing a blog…. This can’t be what I am supposed to do to fill me and pour out what I know and learn on this journey…. I want to reach young women, but […]

Scott Hamilton

“The only true disability in life is a bad attitude.” -Scott Hamilton. This video is amazing. Partly because I have always loved SH as a skater and a person, but partly because of the message.

Why I Held My Baby

I have things I should be doing. Things that NEED to get done. Things I have put off for far too long already. Painting at the new house. Dishes. Laundry. Cleaning. Paying bills. Instead, I am holding my sleeping four month old because he has been sick and has a hard time breathing (due only […]

Positive Parenting

I feel like such a failure….. I’m so sorry Abu, Mommy loves you so much. I’m sorry I’ve only responded negatively to you the last three months. I don’t want you to think you only do things wrong, and never do anything right. You do! You are a loving, caring, beautiful little girl (on the […]

Worst Day Ever!

It all started when Abu would not take her nap…..she finally fell asleep after getting out of bed and coming to find me (resulting in time outs) 3 times, and being taken through the nap time routine three times….I was exhausted and fell asleep with LoLo. After dinner I fed LoLo and changed his diaper. […]

What is Christmas?

In trying to explain Christmas to my two year old I have discovered even more disparity in the way it is celebrated than I ever thought possible. What is the connection between giving gifts to one another and the birth of Jesus? What is the connection between a Christmas tree and the birth of Jesus? […]

Abu’s Birth Story

Boo was born in eight hours. I was SO calm during labor with her-it wasn’t until transition that I freaked out at all. I awoke around 6:00 with an urge to pee(nothing new by this point). When I stood up to go to the bathroom my water broke. It wasn’t a huge gush, but I […]