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I admit it

I admit it, I am a perpetual virtual stalker! Google keeps track of it for me, and its really rather sad…according to Google my habits are as follows

1. I’m a Lazy Mom. This has GOT to be the BEST blog in the WORLD! She is funny (ok, I only think she is funny sometimes, other times it way too cheesy to be funny), she has GREAT tips posted for raising kids and running a household and keeping it clean, and she has AWESOME super-EASY recipes! Seriously, what more could you ask for in a Blog?

2. The Pioneer Woman. She is funny, and she has great regular posters who are not herself, so you get more than one perspective in one place! Plus she also owns (or whatever) the Tasty Kitchen website where I have discovered quite a few awesome recipes!

3. AOL News….because everyone needs to know the news! Current Events People!

4. The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this blog initially, but I LOVE it! Oh, I remember now, I found her blog through a pin on Pinterest! This one actually! I fell in love with the simplicity of it and have checked it at least 5 times a week since! Oh, and she loves FALL as much as I do!

5. The Year of Less. This one Google skips over, because I don’t actually type in the web address, I just click on the link from the Blog listed in number 4! They are the same woman/family in Canada and I love their hearts for LESS stuff and MORE LOVE! This one was obviously found through her other blog. 🙂

6.  And then there is this MYSTERY blog! Hehehe!

7.  Jenny Simmons-Cupcakes! This blog rocks my socks off! She is such an amazing person, and i had the privilege of sharing coffee with her two years ago! She has a new album dropping in Feb and the first single is out now! A-Maze-ing! LOVE it!

8. Slave Free Earth. If you go to any of these websites or blogs, PLEASE chose this one! Please let the numbers permeate your heart and challenge you to DO something rather than paralyzing you into NON-action by the vastly HUGE challenge this is!

9. My Bank….I have to check those balances ya know!


Ok, I guess I’m not the stalker I thought I was…oh HAPPY DAY! 🙂

Oh, and sorry for being gone for so long! I hope to be back much more often now!

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