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My goober!

God, what are you preparing me for? What are you teaching me now? Please open my eyes and let me see! I want to know where this journey is taking me. I want to know the syllabus so I know where I am going. I feel so lost. So alone. This leadership piece you are […]

Fall Fun!

So here is Abu playing this fall! More to come!

Kitchen Update-Counter Tops!

This was our kitchen at 12:45 yesterday: And this is our kitchen now: Look at this awesome Fissure in the Granite! This little section to the left of the (currently imaginary) fridge is pretty too! This is the BEST Hubbin in the WHOLE world! He is installing the Corbels under the bar top. Look at […]

Bathroom update-Grout

Grout! Yes, finally, but hey, at least its done now….and it looks awesome! See? This is what we did on labor day… These are my Hubbin’s FEET…ang the GROUT!!!! Look how pretty it is with the tub! And where the vanity will go:

A Moment

Life is filled with moments. And I experienced one just the other day… Aug 20, 2012 to be exact! My baby girl took her first steps! That moment seems to be etched in my mind forever-the grin on her face and the smile in my heart…. Those first steps were priceless! She got SO excited […]

Bucket Scoop

If you tile or grout anything you need one if these! It is curved to match a five gallon bucket. And it makes it ten TIMES easier to get mortor or grout out of the bucket and put to good use! We found ours at our local Home Depot. Go find you one of these […]

Best Water Bottle EVER!

This is the best water bottle ever. It’s called a “Bobble bottle.”¬† Here is a closer look at the top of it…. The top of the Bobble is where the magic happens. You know that Brita filter you use? Well, here is its mini cousin! The top of the Bobble is a filter! So I […]

A Workout and a (Weird) Lotion

MaxT3 ruined me for workouts. I look for new moves to do as a surge training MaxT3 workout, I don’t look for new workouts…. So… I found this workout while cruising the Net: ¬†Paper Plate Workout. I think it looks fun! OK, it looks really hard, and by really hard I mean REALLY HARD! BUT […]

Never do!

I don’t remember where I heard or read this for the first time, but I’ve heard it from several sources now and I think it’s time I share it. Maybe if I do I will get better at it! There are two times you should never have a serious conversation or make a big decision. […]