Good Intentions

I have had good intentions to write a blog for ages now (ok, its only been a week, but still!), and while I have come up with some stellar ideas, I have yet to write a blog, so here goes!


I decided to do this:

I hope we can do it with Hubbin’s parents coming to visit for a few weeks, Hubbin’s bday, and the Fritzler Corn Maize starting! Yikes!


I read THIS article about clutter and was inspired to declutter my home…now I have to actually get up off my BUTT and DO it! It’s a good thing I am already planning time for this in my head, and contemplating which room to start in…


I have thought about revamping my workout routine (read “laziness level” since I don’t workout right now) and have decided to tackle the MaxT3 challenge again.


I made a goal for August (to not eat any candy) and I have (so far, I guess there are one and a half days left) accomplished it with the one exception of when Hubbin bought me a candy bar before he knew I was doing this in August (hey, I couldn’t hurt his feelings by not eating it!). :~)


My TWO (yikes, I’m not sure I can handle TWO!) goals for September are:

1) The eat your pantry challenge

2) Workout six days a week with at least three of those being the MaxT3 workouts. The other ones can be ANYTHING. :~)


We will see how it goes I guess! 🙂

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