The MaxT3 Challenge

Yes, I’m jumping on the workout challenge train. I decided I will give this program a shot for thirty days and see what happens…what’s the worst thing that could happen? Nothing? That’s what I thought! If I lose weight, great! If I don’t, but I am fit and tone, great! And the best part is, the time commitment is only 12 minutes per day/workout.
There are two tracks for this program, fast and not so fast. The fast one you workout six days a week and take the seventh off. The not so fast one you basically work out every other day and take the weekend off (three workouts per week). I have decided to do a cross of both of them for now. I am going to work out no less than three days per week, but if I get more workouts than that in, all the better for me! And the BEST news? I’ve already completed week one! I am going to do weekly reviews so I can track my progress throughout this challenge. I am hoping it becomes a sixty day challenge, and then a lifestyle, but I don’t want to get my hopes up right now. I am taking one day at a time. 🙂

Week ONE Review:
I worked out three times this week.
The first time wasn’t too bad, but I was definitely sore two days later when I went to do workout number two! Workout two was just ok, Baby Girl was super grumpy for the last two minutes of it, so I wasn’t as focused as I should have been. Workout three went well again, Baby Girl was happily playing the whole time. I figured out I need to get everything ready to workout and then set up BG and start right away otherwise she gets grumpy before I am done. Also, for workout three I had a friend join me as I am trying to get some company on this challenge! She did great, and I realized how much more I have to give during a workout because I was talking almost the whole time and I should have been so out of breath that I couldn’t talk. I will need to work on that! I think she will join me when she is around, but I don’t know if she will commit to three times a week for thirty days/4weeks. 😉

I feel about the same as I did before, no increase of energy, not sleeping any better at night, etc.

The one thing I am not addressing until the end of the thirty days is my diet. It’s a scary thought! I love dessert so much, maybe I will have to work out six days a week just so I can continue my sweets habit!

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