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I am stuck in a perpetual loss of sleep cycle…the Maize does this to me every year. I don’t know why I thought I could stay ahead of it this year. Oh well.
I love the people out at the Maize (the adult employees, not the customers or even the teenage employees). I think that is one of the main reasons we “get suckered into” helping every year.
I am SO GLAD they only have three weeks of being open Wed-Sun this year. That means the last three weeks of the Maize (one of which is over now, YAY!) are the only truly all-consuming ones.

Tonight is the only night this week that we don’t have to work. The next free evening I have will be Sunday. Sunday seems FOREVER away right now.

We are getting our new windows installed in our house on Sunday also (which means more lack of sleep, ugh). Hopefully Saturday morning we can get all of the furniture moved, the curtains taken down, and the garage doors painted so when they are done our house looks the way we want it to look.

One week and three days until the ARoad concert! 🙂

Two weeks and four days until our trip to Okyland to see B & D! 🙂

Plenty to look forward to, but I am oh so tired and just can’t seem to get that excited about all of it right now…

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