Resurrection Sunday

It comes as no surprise this special Sunday that we are expected to go to “church.” but if we go to one of the many services in the area where Christians gather to celebrate a RISEN Lord we are judged for not being there every week. Not necessarily by those in that church, but by those who invited us, or those who we go with. So the question is, “is it worth it?” Is it really worth the judgement? Is it really worth explaining ourselves to the same people one more time? If they didn’t listen the first nine hundred times (a slightly exaggerated number), why would they listen now?

Yet, there is so much more to a service on Resurrection Sunday…this is the day Christians celebrate the fact that the One we worship is ALIVE! He is RISEN indeed! Death has no victory over Him and thus it has no victory over us! This is definitely something to celebrate! So, should we go celebrate this by attending a service as is the Christian tradition? Or should we celebrate this by spending time with those we love who also happen to love our RISEN King? I think this year we will stick with family, but there are no guarantees for next year….. 🙂



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