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Parenting thoughts

When I signed on for this whole parenting thing I had NO idea how much information is out there to be learned! Or how many questions I would have! When should we start solid foods? What is the typical age an infant rolls over, sits up, crawls, walks, etc? Should we teach our baby sign language or not? Should we feed her formula or breast milk? When we do start solid food what do we start with? Why do we start with that over something else? Ah! There is SO much information! And then to top it off you are supposed to learn all of this information while constantly tired! It doesn’t matter if your baby sleeps through the night early or not, every new Mom is tired! Oh, and when do you stop being a “new” mom? When are you just a “mom?”

I am Constantly tired! All I want right now is a full 24 hour period to myself, where all I have to do is NOTHING! Nothing but sleep and eat and take a ice long shower and go shopping and go to a movie and wear whatever I want to wear. And do whatever I want to do! I don’t want anyone to ask or expect anything from me for one whole day! Not even Hubbin or Brooke! And this is after I had an awesome surprise date with my Hubbin today! I constantly feel as though I am never good enough…never good enough to get Brooke to sleep like she sleeps at Mary Ann’s house, never good enough to have a clean house or the trash taken out or be completely caught up at work.
Ok, I think that is enough of a rant for now…I was planning on this post being more organized than it is, but hey I’m TIRED! I need to go to bed!

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