3) Lose 25 pounds

Now first things first, for those of you who know me, you know I am not a large person, so I’m sure you are looking at this thinking, “She doesn’t have 25 pounds to lose!” But oh, you would be wrong. Don’t get offended by this, I’m not trying to be rude. I have a valid goal and you have no right to be offended by it-it is after all, MY goal, not yours. I want to be at the last stable weight I was at when I was active in sports. In order to accomplish this I need to lose 25 pounds. Now, granted I may never reach this goal, however, I will be ok with this on only one condition and that is, my body fat percentage has to be back to down to where it was at that time (In other words, if I end up weighing more because muscle weighs more than fat I am ok with it ONLY if that is the real reason I don’t weigh what I used to again).

On to the task!
I have committed to working out four times a week. These workouts will vary because, quite frankly, the gym bores me. However, they will always have both cardio and a little bit of weights (I will go down the line they have set up downstairs).
I am going to eat less at every meal and pay more attention to my body-I will stop eating when I start to feel full and I won’t eat if I’m not hungry.
I am also going to continue eating small snacks in between meals to keep my metabolism going.
I am going to have written plans for the week so I can look forward to working out and plan on when I will be at the gym.
I am going to have small goals throughout the year so I can meet my goal (and I actually think I can meet this goal by July if I keep at it)

So far I have pretty much failed at this one…I have worked out a total of FOUR times since the year started. But two of those have been in the last week and I am planning on working out tonight so that will be three for this week! I think I am saying I didn’t really start working on this goal until this week! 🙂 Saves me from thinking I have failed before I even start…

Small goal number one: Lose five pounds by February 14th! (Yes, Valentines Day)I will let you know if I accomplish this or not.

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