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Full Day

From driving to the airport to Bass Pro Shop in Denver to pulling off wallpaper with M to playing poker and Spades with friends it was a FULL day today!

We picked up a package at the airport for work (Hubbin’s, not mine) and then went to Bass Pro Shop to get stuff for the boat.

While at lunch afterward we got a phone call from one of our co-workers that her husband was in the ER (and she didn’t know why!). She wanted to know if we could watch her kids, but we weren’t there, so I tried to calm her down a bit on the phone (still not sure if it worked) before letting her go to deal with the situation. In the end, he has pneumonia and got sick from it while in the bathroom (don’t know exactly what happened) and was unable to get to the front door to open it for emergency personnel, so they broke one of the panels. Her neighbors were great, and took care of the kids and dinner and fixing the door so she could go see her husband and make sure he was doing ok.

On the way home we stopped at T & M’s house to help them with removing wallpaper in their dining room. Then we moved on to our house where Hubbin put the boat back together and I took care of the hot tub chemicals and cleaning a little bit of the house.

From there we went to Glen and Pam Fritzler’s for dinner and a game night (we played poker…ugh I HATE poker!) which was tons of fun. While there the Treu’s stopped by to say hello and we got to hug and harass all of the kiddos. I then proceeded to lose all of my chips twice, and then play Spades with Glen, Pam, and Hubbin. Spades is a MUCH better game in my opinion! 🙂

What a FULL FULL day!

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