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  1. Oh, the decisions a Mom has to make! I always used Pampers for my girls, they were the only ones they didn’t pee out of constantly. I never had any problems with them getting rashes. You might have that problem if you leave your baby in the same diaper forever, but for me they were good.

  2. Pampers suck in general. Not a fan at all. Sawyer didn’t get a rash, but he would leak through them and they didn’t seem to hold very much. I love my Luv’s. Especially the Luv’s commercials! Hilarious! 🙂

    1. I think part of it is the difference in the boy or girl parts. I have never had a problem with my girls leaking through them. You could always be like Helen and use cloth diapers! (Just don’t expect me to change one)

  3. I have heard good and bad about every diaper, so it will pretty much come down to what works for you and the little one. You should register for one of each type of diaper and then you can figure out what you like best. That is how I found out what worked for Sawyer.

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