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Journey…Or Not

Most people say life is a journey. Well, I beg to differ. Life is an excursion. There are so very many twists and turns, hills and boulders, mountains and valleys, that it cannot be simply a “journey.” No, all of this is what makes life an excursion.

There is no possible way to know what’s around the next bend . You can wish and hope and yes, even pray, that around the next bend is the end of the uphill journey. Or you can do the same wishing there will be a wonderful valley or a new challenging mountain. It all depends on where you are at RIGHT NOW. If you have been crossing the valley for what seems like decades you will rejoice at the sight of a mountain full of boulders to crawl over. But if you have been climbing that mountain for a while you may wish to see at least a small downward stint on the trail around that bend!

I guess we are just never happy with where we are at in life right now…it reminds me of a song sung by Trace Adkins (Yes, I am a country music fan!) called “You’re Gonna Miss This.” Why can’t we just slow down and treasure THIS time? THESE moments?

It’s a struggle. I know, because I have tried doing just that for the last few weeks…I fail miserably sometimes! As a semi-perfectionist, it is SO difficult to let go of all the things on my “TO DO” list and just enjoy those moments. It is hard to remember not everything has to be done today, and not everything has to look amazing all the time. Yet, it is so worth it to try! Those moments I remember to treasure are incredible, enjoyable, and simply amazing!

So join me in this battle to Enjoy the HERE and NOW! To treasure the moment you first see your baby crawl, the hugs, cuddles and kisses, and the mess in the other room.

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