I am going to Mexico for vacation tomorrow morning! I’m super-excited to spend a week away from all of the madness and maheem, but I’m also a little sad…

1) I have to leave my dog, Suga’, here and the people taking care of her are leaving for two days when we will be gone…I’m a little concerned that she won’t be taken care of for those two days. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am.
2) I think I’m getting sick. My throat has hurt a LOT the last two mornings and my sinuses are reacking havok with my head and teeth.
3) I haven’t lost any weight since the cruise, so I’m going to hate wearing a bikini just as much as last time… 🙁

However, I’m going to MEXICO! Where it will be warm and beautiful and just amazing! I can’t wait to get there tomorrow! If only there was a way to make my sinuses behave!
I’m excited to spend time with just Brittni and Dustin and Joel. The four of us haven’t spent time together without anyone else around in months! I’m also excited for Cozumel because we are going to rent scooters and go snorkeling all around the island! And I’m excited to just lay in the sun and relax. I’m going to finish reading my book that I have been working on for three months. I’m going to start doing the little things that show Joel I love him again. I’m going to be happy and have fun!
Until I am sad and back in the States,

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