But the greatest of these is Love

So…we have had friends who have done this and it gets frustrating after awhile:

You can’t go bowling with your friends because you “can’t afford it.”
You can’t go out dinner with your friends at an inexpensive restaurant because you “have no money.”
You can’t go to Water World or Elitches or skiing once a year because you “are broke.”


You buy Windows 7 the day it comes out.
You buy the same CD twice because when you pre-bought it the two extra songs weren’t on it.
You buy a Droid the month it comes out.

Now I’m (not) sorry, but don’t you think your priorities are a BIT messed up? You seem to care more about technology in any form than you do any relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to spend money to have a good time, but expecting your friends to buy your dinner every time you go out with them because you “have no money” and then the next time you see them you’re carrying around a new Droid? Come on. Get real. Grow up and get your priorities straight! If you care more about this technology than your friends who are your real friends? The people in your life or the technology in your life?

God tells us to store up treasures in heaven not on earth. What is going to carry over with you to heaven? The people in your life or the technology in your life? I’m not saying I’m not guilty or that I have never done this. What I am saying is that when you choose technology CONSISTENTLY over your relationships with people (spending time with them doing activities that cost a little bit of money) what are you really choosing? You are choosing things over people. You are choosing dust over love.

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