No House but Hope

We learned on Monday the bank was starting the bid for that house roughly $100,000 more than we were willing to pay for it. Needless to say, we did not bid on it. Good news though, neither did anyone else! However, in it going to auction we learned that there is another loan on the house. This means either one bank will “buy out” the other bank so they own the house completely OR there will be a long drawn-out legal battle over which bank owns the house. Long story short, it is a GOOD thing we didn’t get the house.
I do have one last story to share about the house though:
After learning the starting bid was so high Hubbin and I decided to go to the Chinese food place for dinner. We were somewhat disappointed, but not too much. The starting bid was so high that there was no way we would even consider bidding on it. If the starting bid would have been close to what our high bid was going to be I think it would have been a lot more difficult for us to walk away from it. Anyway, we talked and had a great dinner of yummy food (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it). Then the fortune cookies came. Here, I will just show you what they said, it will be easier…

Do you think God is trying to tell us something? Because we certainly do!
God works in mysterious ways, eh?

We learned a lot through the whole process and even though I don’t know why that house was so heavy on my heart I do know there was a reason for all of it.

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