My bed

I finally figured out why I don’t like to get out of my nice, warm, cozy, comfy bed in the morning…

First of all it is WARM. I LOVE warm. And consequently hate cold…so to get out of my nice warm bed means I have to get COLD. Since I hate cold I like to stay in bed until I absolutely have to get out of the WARM and into the COLD. I think the transition would be easier if there was a fireplace right next to my bed that magic little elves would light every morning about thirty minutes before I had to actually get out of bed…oh well, I can always dream, right?

Second, my bed is comfy and cozy. It is so comfortable in fact that I think I could stay there for at least twelve hours a day. I love how it “hugs” me (we have a memory foam mattress). It begs me stay. Compels me with its warmth and coziness. Yet, I still have to get out of bed every morning….sad day for me. In fact, I think it is a sad day every day when I have to get out of my nice, warm, cozy, comfy bed.

Third, the quiet of the morning is my favorite part of the day on most days. I can think without interruption. I can brood over things. I can pray. I stay in this warm, calm, peaceful place for as long as possible every morning. When I do make that awful transition into the cold, busy day my mind is clear. My priorities are re-set. I have goals for the day and a list of things to accomplish. I know where my heart and mind are. And I have a peace that passes all understanding…A peace that guides me through my day and reminds me that my “To DO” list is not as important as the people in my life.

I love mornings. I love knowing God is there with me in my nice warm cocoon. I love knowing He is with me throughout my day in that still, small, quiet presence of peace. Peace that passes all understanding.

Yet, I still hate to get out of bed. 🙂

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