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Horrible Story

I was in the bathroom this morning (no, this is not a gross story like that, but it is kind of gross if you think about it too much!) trying to untangle two necklaces and a pair of earrings when I decided to take the back off of one of the earrings because both necklaces were wrapped around it. All of a sudden I got them untangled, but to my horror the other earring fell in to the very bottom of the toilet!
I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I shouldn’t flush it or even let any of the water run in or out of the toilet, so I turned the water off to it. It was one of the earrings I got for Christmas from my loving Hubbin who surprised me with them! I was so upset, what was I supposed to DO? In one of those split-second decisions I realized I needed to see if I could get it out…I had to put my hand in there! I pushed up my sleeve and plunged my hand into the water-it was so COLD! I felt it in there and tried to drag it up by pushing it against the bottom of the “tube” on the toilet, but I failed. It was super difficult since I could only use one finger due to the size of the “tube.” I tried my index finger, no luck. I tried my pinky and couldn’t reach it. I tried to pull it up using my middle finger over and over only to have it fall farther down in there. At this point I had a mini breakdown and almost cried before I realized it would do me no good. I thought about leaving it there until tonight and having Hubbin help me get it out, but upon further inspection of the toilet I realized the only other way to get it out would be to disconnect the toilet from the floor and flood my bathroom while hoping it came out! This is an option I seriously considered before trying one last time to get it out of there. I put my hand BACK in there again and reached with my long middle finger down into that “tube” to try again, I pulled it about halfway up and then it dropped back down again, so I decided to try my pointer finger again since I have more control over it. As I was pulling it up while scraping the side I thought I had lost it again when it got caught on my finger nail and stuck there until the 3/4 of the way up mark before falling back down. I then decided to try this tactic using my middle finger and it WORKED! I had SUCCESSFULLY dug my earring out of the toilet! I was so relieved, then I thought about my hand and the earring and ferociously scrubbed both with soap and water for about five minutes before drying off the earring and putting it away. What a horrible story! I NEVER want to do that again. But I will, if it ever happens again, and I am hoping beyond all hope that it doesn’t.

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