Follow up and food

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Joel and I had a fabulous time at Saratoga Resort and Spa. It was more like a lodge or a very large cabin than a spa, which was nice. We spent the whole two days relaxing and exploring the town and talking. It was exactly what we needed. We also decided getting away like that is something we want to do at least every other month. Not anywhere fancy, just somewhere away from home and work.

Easter was a good day. We went to church at Cowboy Church with Mom, Lane, Becca, Shane, Josh and the Blandin’s. (except we didn’t sit with all those crazy people! LOL Love you all!) The message was good and something both Joel and I needed to hear. Then we proceeded to Texas Roadhouse for lunch with Geoff, Patti, Bailey, Kacey, Kirk, and Eileen. It was great fun! We all decided we need to do holiday meals that way more often. Then Joel and I spent a quiet afternoon at home followed by a few fun games of bowling with Dad, Josh and Lane (Mom came too, but she didn’t bowl). We had fun telling stories, talking, and eating those yummy French Fries!

On a different note:
I love baking. I love the smells and the rich tastes. I love chocolate. I love lemon. I love almost anything sweet! Sometimes I forget how much I love to bake. Like when life gets busy. And boy has life been busy lately. It finally started to slow down a little a few weeks ago. I made brownies. And they were good. And I made cookies. And they were good too. I can’t imagine why I don’t make time to bake once a week. It is relaxing and oh so yummy! I think I need to start doing this. Now if only I could convince my Hubbin to love what I bake as much as I do! 🙂

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