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I have struggled for some time now with “how much do I share on this blog?” and “Do I want it to be a more serious blog or a carefree blog?” I think I have finally decided that I will share however much I feel like sharing that day and since no one reads it anyway (except you Travis!) I will share both serious thoughts and crazy comments.

Joel and I decided we needed a few days away from it all…ok, I decided he needed time away from work and I needed time with him away from everything. 🙂 So we are going to Wyoming tomorrow night and not coming back until Saturday evening. We would stay until Sunday but its Easter/Resurrection Sunday and I don’t want to miss that with my family…even if we are going bowling instead of having a traditional large meal, lol!
I am SO excited for this time away. We have nothing planned for two entire days (other than sitting in the hot springs, of course!). I’m looking forward to just relaxing with my Hubbin all day long! I’m sure we will come home with tons of pictures and wonderful stories (both stories for sharing and stories not for sharing…). I’m so THANKFUL that we are able to do this right now-financially and emotionally. I think it will be really good for us.

If you think of it please pray that we have a wonderfully rejuvenating two days! 🙂

I am so emotionally worn down right now that I cannot think of a better way to spend two days than doing nothing with my Hubbin. And I know he is physically exhausted from working so many hours as well as emotionally drained from the last month of madness.

On To Other Topics:

Mom’s stem cells never moved out into her bloodstream last week so they gave her a “mobilizer” shot (one every night) and finally got to “harvest” some cells today. She is staying in Denver at the hotel now as it is too draining for her to drive back and forth twice in a day or to stay down there all day with nowhere to rest. She posted a pretty good picture of the “international harvester” used to gather her cells on Facebook that you should check out.

We have spoken with Glen and Linda (mostly Linda) via skype twice now and I cannot tell you how GOOD it is to see them and hear their voices. They are very interested in how things are going here and how everyone is doing. (So if you are one of those people that haven’t contacted them since they left maybe you should shoot them an email at We told them about Joel’s neck and my thyroid and Mom’s progress and moving steal with Kirk. It was such a good conversation despite being cut off several times(they have REALLY bad Internet connection for live feeds).

We planted (ok I planted all but one all by myself) 10 rose bushes (ok they are tiny stick stubs right now, but we are hoping! lol) on Sunday. I also planted the entire bag of tulips that I meant to plant last fall but never got to…we will see if they come up or not. I glued a layer of bricks around the tree in the front yard as well. Sunday was a really productive day despite my not getting any Dairy Queen! lol.

I still have yet to go through all of the papers on my dining room table…maybe when we get back from our weekend I will get it done. But the windows in our bedroom are completely painted!

I will write when we return! 🙂

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