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A not-so-sad Goodbye

We said goodbye to Glen and Linda tonight…

In case you weren’t aware, Hubbin’s parents, Glen and Linda, are moving to Haiti to be missionaries. They went last year for three months as a trial period, and loved it so much they did the missionary orientation training on their way home! Before that they went to Haiti on a mission week long mission trip and simply fell in love. Linda will be doing nursing, sewing, and anything else the compound needs. While Glen will be the resident mechanic/ all around grunt! 🙂 Basically, he will do anything that needs getting done, including moving block with some of the Haitian men who work on the compound.

…Back tonight, it was much easier to say goodbye this time. The three month trial period did everyone’s hearts so much good last year. Yes, it was still hard to say goodbye, but we know we will still be able to talk to them on skype (oh, blessed skype!) and email them whenever we need anything. We also know they are going where they are supposed to be. Their hearts belong to the people of Haiti, so they are simply following their hearts. It has been really neat to see how the Lord has woven their hearts together on this as Linda has always been the mission minded one and Glen has always been the financial supporter rather than the go and doer. If you think of them, say a little prayer. 🙂

You can visit their blog site and keep up with them here: Glen and Linda’s Blog

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