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Bathroom Update Number Eight and MORE!

Well, since it has been a good long week since I have posted here I figured you deserved an update (not that anyone actually reads this blog anyway, but hey, it’s worth a shot!)

The bathroom is still not done. In fact, it is in roughly the same place it was in last week at this time…except the texture has been added to the walls. The tiling is done, but we still have to paint, grout, and put everything back in again (the vanity, light fixture, and toilet). When it is done I will write a special “Hurrah” post with tons of pictures of our newly remodeled bathroom. For now, it will get done…slowly but surely. We are kind of burned out on it.

So much so, that we worked on other things yesterday! Hubbin fixed the starter on our dully truck and I drained, cleaned, and refilled the hot tub. 🙂 I also planted grass on the bare spots in the backyard (I will have to dig up a picture of our yard at this time last year so you can see the difference). There were not near as many this spring as there were last spring! I have been SO excited to look out my back window and see our GREEN backyard that is mostly grass rather than our brown backyard that is mostly dirt with little chunks of grass!

Also, my irises are coming up, my tulips are coming up, and my LILIES are coming up! I LOVE lilies. If you have never heard me talk about my lilies you definitely will this summer. They usually bloom around the fourth of July and are GORGEOUS and smell AMAZING!

Although our list of “To-Do’s” on our house never seems to get shorter, I enjoy seeing things come together. I like seeing the end project our all our hard work. 🙂

Until I come up with something else,

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