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Easter and then some

We had a relaxing, hectic weekend and are pretty gung-ho about finishing the bathroom this week (alright, I am gung-ho about finishing the bathroom, I’m not sure where Hubbin stands on this).
Ok, first of all you must be wondering how one can have a relaxing and hectic weekend at the same time…Well, we had moments of both calm and crazy. We enjoyed our extra day off by going down to Denver (for a Dr appointment) and made the most of the trip by visiting a few stores and getting Joel a wetsuit for his early summer (read SPRING) lake adventures behind the boat (where I plan to stay..nice and DRY!). We followed that up with painting at T&M’s and watching one of the most hilarious movies I have seen in a while (A+ for those of you wondering which movie we watched. Be forewarned though, this movie is not for children, there are definitely sexual innuendos all over the place). Saturday was spent sleeping until noon and then working on our bathroom (I painted while Hubbin mowed the lawn) and laying flooring back at T&M’s house. Thankfully we ran out of floor to lay (as in they did not do the math correctly and only purchased half as much flooring as they needed, not that we finished) around 12:30 and we got to go home to BED!
Sunday was spent at Cowboy Church and my parent’s house with the family for Easter. We followed that up with a round of bowling! A great day, but a tiring weekend nonetheless.
Hopefully we get the bathroom finished this week. Hubbin and I have plans to work on it tomorrow…

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