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Agreement Equals Unity?


I recently found a topic I think applies to everyone, but is often lost with all of our activities and shuffling around: Unity, togetherness, agreement…

I have read this post by Alan Knox (no idea who this guy is, I found his blog through the blog). Here is the link to his first discussion on the topic

I am sure you have formed an opinion on this by now. He makes a compelling argument, but does not quote any of the scripture, so here is a link for that so you can read it on your own and figure out what you think about it.

This is part two to his blog. I don’t think this is a good conclusion for it though, so when he came out with this next post I was pretty excited to see a conclusion to it.

This mysterious (alright, he is probably not mysterious at all, I just haven’t taken the time to read who he is beyond what shows up to the right on his blog site) Alan Knox has successfully put into words all I have been frustrated about it regards to disunity in the church and different denominations not getting along, etc. He also points out that this same thing happens between individual believers, which, although I knew, I had never thought about in this context before. It is encouraging to be reminded that no matter how much we disagree with another believer our core beliefs are the same and that unites us. It gives us a unity that is not earned by us, but a free gift for us. And it is a reminder to focus on what really matters, the Lord.

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  1. I like the idea of being mysterious…

    Seriously, thanks for linking to my posts, and thanks for continuing this discussion. We are brothers/sisters in Christ because God is our father and he has accepted us in Jesus Christ. This alone should be the basis for our relationships with one another.

    Thanks again,


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