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Bathroom Post-The Final Saga Begins-

We worked on the bathroom again last night….

Did I mention we got the shower curtain hung up and have been using the shower for at least a month now? 🙂

Did I mention that we still hadn’t put the door back on? Well now we have! That was mini-project number one for last night! The second mini-project didn’t go so well…stupid people who through parts away when tearing apart a bathroom…I think Joel got the sink figured out, but we have to go back to the store again to get a different piece to come out of the wall.
Mini-project number three was install the toilet paper holder, towel rod and towel hook. We got the toilet paper holder in! The other two will just have to wait until tomorrow…oh well.

So, what do we have left?
1) one more coat of paint on the door frame
2) finish under-sink plumbing for the sink
3) hang up the towel rod and towel hook
4) paint corner shelf
5) hang stuff up on the walls that has been sitting in my house for the last year or so….can’t wait for that step! 🙂

Hopefully we can finish all of this sometime this weekend so we can start on the cleaning and reorganizing of the house for Baby Girl’s arrival!

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