An Uninvited guest

I went to a wedding I wasn’t invited to on Sunday…I’ve never done that before! It wasn’t necessarily that I wasn’t invited, I went with my Mom who had received an invitation. But she has only RSVPed for one and then she brought me along, so there was two of us and only one place setting at the reception…the people were really nice and created one for us, but I felt like I wasn’t truly welcome there. The bride and groom eyed us and one point, and I just know what was going through their heads, “what is SHE doing here?” “did we invite her?” “was she on the list?”! Oh well. I had fun and there was MORE than enough food and lemonade. 🙂

It was a beautiful wedding site too. During the ceremony, when they went to sign the marriage license, Jenna sat down on this bench right in front of the window and the sun was radiating perfectly over her. I don’t think I have EVER seen a more beautiful, perfect photo opportunity. That is the only time the whole ceremony and reception that I was sad I didn’t have my camera. It was truly a perfect shot opportunity. And then the as the sun was setting over the mountains and the lake it was just gorgeous!

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