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Ah, a new year, a new try at this blogging thing. Maybe I will be better this year, but maybe not too. 2011 brought many surprises and an unexpected miracle. From Hawaii to missing my brother’s wedding in Cabo. To finding out I was pregnant to delivering a beautiful baby girl.

We had struggle after hard ridiculous struggle at work. Hubbin had a rough year, although the last third was markedly better than the first two thirds. Well, it was better for him as far as work goes, and worse by way of injuries! He cut his finger to the bone at work while wearing cut proof gloves, then recovered from that only to inject paint into his finger while working on our new house. He is still recovering from that one!

Oh yeah, our new house. I found this house while garage saleing for baby stuff with my Mom forth of July weekend. I called on it and was told it would be on the market in two weeks. Well, after having Gail, our realtor, check the house every Monday for four MONTHS, it finally came on the market at an even better price than we had imagined! We put an offer in that day and they accepted it! It’s a true forclosure, with 19 water leaks Hubbin fixed when we turned the water on, and nothing updated since it was built in 1973. We are doing a complete upstairs remodel before moving in. Progress was happening until Hubbin hurt his finger, and now it has been four weeks since anything has been done. It will get done soon…I hope!

Baby girl is now my nine pound nine week old. That’s right, she’s nine weeks old now! It has gone by so much faster than I thought it would. I can’t say I have loved every minute-I do love my sleep and those nights it took forever to get her back to sleep I wasn’t loving it, but I certainly haven’t hated any moment either!

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