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I am such a horrible pregnant lady! I went all day today with drinking one small cup of water (not even eight ounces!) at four in the morning followed by a sixteen ounce bottle of water at Noon! Noon! For crying out loud, I can’t stop to take a drink before NOON?!? What is wrong with me? And then I drank almost all of an Izze at lunch (which was around two, so not anytime close to that bottle of water) and a sixteen ounce bottle of water at six PM! I really need to get a handle on my drinking habits these days. I used to be such a good prego with my bottle of water in tow wherever I went (alright fine, I still left it in the car when I went into places like the grocery store. But I had it with me almost all day every day!), and then we got the disappointing news that I was four weeks behind what we had thought and I just stopped doing it. As if being four weeks later should make any difference at all! I guess I was just disappointed when that discovery was made and haven’t coped with it well until this last week (when I finally got back to where we thought I was a month ago). I am getting excited for baby again. Learning how big my bambino is right now (the size of a lime!) and what development is taking place this week (reflexes! and neural pathway development!).

This has obviously been a bigger struggle for me than I thought it was, everything was going to work out perfectly: we would find out the sex right before our anniversary trip, and baby would be two months old for Lane and Becca’s wedding. The only downfall on that timescale was not working at the corn maize this year, which I could live with. Now the timescale is moved back a month for everything: we find out the sex (if baby is good that day!) at the end of June (I guess it will be a fourth of July present!), I will work all of the corn maize unless baby comes early or I have a difficult pregnancy, and we don’t get to go to Lane and Becca’s wedding because baby will be too young, and we won’t be able to get bambino’s documentation in time anyway (they are getting married in Cabo on the beach!). It just seems like everything went from working perfectly to not working out at all and it has taken me a long time to get over it. It’s not that I’m frustrated with it anymore (I was over that in a few days), I think its really that I have to wait an entire MONTH longer to meet my bambino.

I am glad though that I am finally back to the point in the pregnancy where I thought I was, so I can start learning new things about baby every week again. Speaking of new things, I need to go sign us up for a birthing class! Until Next time!

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