Addison Road

I LOVE the band Addison Road. If you have never heard of them look them up. If you have only heard of them from me look them up. If you have heard of them but never listened to anything by them (that you know of) look them up. If you have heard of them and listened to them and hate them I DON’T want to hear about it. BUT, if you have heard of them, listened to them and LOVE them like I do you will understand my excitement when I say…

THEY ARE COMING TO ARVADA ON OCTOBER 28TH AND I WILL BE THERE!!!!! (I bought my ticket this morning!)

I have been reading Jenny’s blog for over a year now and have listened to their music (and LOVED it) for the last two and a half years. Their songs are so honest and simple. And Jenny’s voice is amazing-it is off the chart awesome in some songs and in others it is just another voice singing (a really amazing thing that allows so many people to sing along when one of their songs comes on the radio, I LOVE it!).

If you have never read Jenny’s blog you should, she is so open and honest there. She is real. She is not afraid to share what is REALLY on her heart. She is a Wife and a Mother as well as a singer, blogger, and “white soul sister!” I am so incredibly excited to FINALLY meet her. Especially after my surprise voicemail from her in July!

As of right now I am going by myself, but if someone wants to join me I would love that too.

Just thought I would share my excitement.

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  1. So glad you're getting to see Addison Road in concert. Jenny is my daughter and I love to see how God is using her blog and her music to touch lives! Hope you have a GREAT time Oct. 28th. Give Jenny a hug for me!

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