Paint Chip

I have debated how much to share on this blog, but since I know no one reads it I guess it doesn’t matter…
Joel got a paint chip in his neck at work a few weeks ago and that has been the overall theme for the last week:
1) I FINALLY convinced him to go to the doctor last Wednesday and Doc Wilson told him he needed it taken out but that it was no hurry because it was already enclosed in a “scar tissue sack.” Doc Wilson referred him to a specialist.
2) Called the specialist and set up the appointment for Monday (last night) at 5:30 PM.
3) Thursday Jesse is at the trucking yard and asks me to email Brandon all of the doctor’s info and all of the specialist’s info so Sherita in Denver has it for the workman’s comp claim. I gladly obliged…a few hours later I got a phone call from Denver-I got in trouble for making the doctor appointment instead of going through Sherita in Denver. I was told all workman’s comp claims have to go through Sherita who will make the doctor’s appointments. I didn’t think it was worth my time to argue with the guy since he didn’t even read the email well enough to know who was actually hurt (he thought Brandon was the one hurt, which means he read the email all wrong in the first place…ugh). Needless to say this made me angry because I didn’t make the appointment, Joel did. I just happen to have all of the information for the doctor because I’m married to Joel…I swear communication in Ensign sucks!
4) I guess Thursday was a long day for Joel too, he and all those in the shop when the incident happened had to take a UA. Then later Jose broke his tooth so the safety guy had to come back again and they all had to fill out more forms.
5) Friday Joel had to go to the workman’s comp doctor…who just happens to be in the same practice as Doc Wilson (same company/group different building). So all he did was pull up the info from Joel’s visit to Doc Wilson on Wednesday….so ridiculous!
6) Monday (yesterday) Joel went to the specialist. He was told to be there at 5:00 to fill out paperwork for his appointment at 5:30. Well he was done with the paperwork by 5:15 and didn’t get called back for the nurse to weigh him etc until 6:15. Then we sat in the room in the back until 7:15 waiting for the specialist to take five minutes to look at his neck, order a CT scan and surgery to remove it….ugh! Then we had to go sit with their scheduling person for fifteen minutes. We didn’t get out of there for two and a half hours! 2 ½ HOURS! Ridiculous!
7) And now we are waiting for the scheduling lady to call and tell us when his surgery will be because wonderful Sherita who has to be notified of everything and schedule appointments for Joel since its workman’s comp failed to fax the specialist the workman’s comp insurance information before she went home last night! Geesh! She had all of their information too because I got yelled at for emailing it to Brandon who passed it on to Greg who sent it to someone else who yelled at me and then sent it to her! Jimmeny Christmas people! Ugh.
I think “Ugh” pretty much sums up what I feel about the whole thing right now.

To top that off Mom’s numbers never spiked high enough for them to harvest cells last week so she had to start over on Sunday! This whole week just sucks, plain and simple. Maybe I just have a chip on my shoulder…lol! Nope, that’s Joel! hehe.

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  1. Wow. That is just a taste of what's to come with Obama-Care. I hope you're either really poor or really rich so that it doesn't affect you either way! Oh, and nice pun about the chip on the shoulder thing at the end…great way to keep humor involved in crazy times of life! I like it.

  2. Oh Thanks Travis! That is the "walter way" as well as the "Erickson way." I guess I'm stuck with it from both sides, lol! Did you give that wife of yours hug for me yet?

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