I have been inspired to be better before, and this time is no different…except that I want it to be…I want to actually BE BETTER. I want to be a better person, wife, daughter, and friend. I really do. And not just for a week, but a lifetime…

I WANT to work out…I read an article last week about the exact wording we use when speaking to ourselves about things we want to accomplish. It said we need to use words like “want” instead of “need” for example, “I want to work out today” rather than “I need to work out today.” With the justification that saying “want” instead of “need” makes you more likely to work out because it is not a “have-to” it is a “want-to.” This could go either way in my book, but I thought it was intriguing. A different take on the self-motivation factor of working out. Honestly, its one I have never heard before and I guess its worth a try.

These two blogs are inspiring to say the least:

This one is written by Jenny Simmons from the band Addison Road:
She is an amazing writer and this particular post is about living in your reality rather than wishing you were somewhere else.

This one is written by Suzanne, a “non-blogger” who blogs all the time.
It is about balancing your priorities, and how, if you do so, everything else falls into place.

These two blog posts are inpsiring…strive to create and hold onto my priorities while living in the present rather than on a caribbean island with my toes in the sand!

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