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Not Quite Camping

Hubbin and I had a great Labor Day weekend! We had told everyone that we were going camping, and we truly had intended on going, but we ended up staying home. We slept and watched TV after working the Farmer’s Market on Sat, but Sunday and Monday we worked on the house and accomplished much! It was really nice to not have any interruptions via cell phone the whole weekend. It was a much needed break.


Our kitchen is officially DONE! The baseboards are finally on and painted! 🙂

Our bathroom needs to have the tan touched up and the bottom cupboard doors put back on and then it is DONE as well. It should be done by the end of tonight! I am SO excited for this! YAY! 🙂

The missing stairs on our deck are finally DONE! 🙂

The ceiling in the basement is fixed! Now we just need to paint the tan back on the walls tonight so it can be done as well! 🙂

We still have a whole TON of baseboard and trimboard painting left to do in the dining room and basement, but after painting the kitchen baseboard I am not as overwhelmed with it as I was before….

Now, on to organizing the office and moving most of the stuff downstairs to make room for Baby Girl! 🙂

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