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Use the garden hose to clean out the paint roller, paint brushes and paint tray. Yes, naysayers, I said to use the garden hose, which means you will be doing this outside! But, would you rather have the paint go into your drinking water? Because when you pour it down the drain that is where […]

New house

I realized I hadn’t posted a picture, so here you are!

Well, work on our new house has resumed, however, it is much slower now than it was before. Nothing is done….everything was torn out, but then we discovered the cabinets are not good in the kitchen, so we have to tear all that out. And we have to do a complete kitchen remodel, which was […]


Ah, a new year, a new try at this blogging thing. Maybe I will be better this year, but maybe not too. 2011 brought many surprises and an unexpected miracle. From Hawaii to missing my brother’s wedding in Cabo. To finding out I was pregnant to delivering a beautiful baby girl. We had struggle after […]

Well, September is almost over. The first day of fall is tomorrow! And we will have a little bundle of baby around six weeks from now. How fun! How exciting! I started the long process of tearing apart the office to move it downstairs and Baby Girl’s room upstairs the other day. So far I […]

Bathroom Finale

This is the corner cupboard that took so long to paint. I was excited that it was done, but then my dear Hubbin informed me it is NOT done. We still have to hang up the doors and put the threshold connector piece in the doorway. UGH!

Not Quite Camping

Hubbin and I had a great Labor Day weekend! We had told everyone that we were going camping, and we truly had intended on going, but we ended up staying home. We slept and watched TV after working the Farmer’s Market on Sat, but Sunday and Monday we worked on the house and accomplished much! […]

Bathroom Update-The Final Saga part 2

All we have left is painting the corner shelf! It already has two coats of paint, but it still needs one, maybe two, more before it is done. And we still have to paint the doors….I just wanted to update you so you know I’m not being lazy! 😉

Bathroom Post-The Final Saga Begins-

We worked on the bathroom again last night…. Did I mention we got the shower curtain hung up and have been using the shower for at least a month now? 🙂 Did I mention that we still hadn’t put the door back on? Well now we have! That was mini-project number one for last night! […]

Bathroom Update Number Eight and MORE!

Well, since it has been a good long week since I have posted here I figured you deserved an update (not that anyone actually reads this blog anyway, but hey, it’s worth a shot!) The bathroom is still not done. In fact, it is in roughly the same place it was in last week at […]